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Chemical Vegetation Management 

A variety of nozzles, spray heads, telescopic or articulated booms and handguns allow us to accurately apply herbicides to targeted areas, eventually lessening the quantity of chemical needed 

Mechanical Vegetation Management 

We utilize mechanical clearing and trimming services for areas where herbicides cannot be used, or where vegetation has grown beyond the ability to use herbicides 

Railroad Vegetation Management

We provide comprehensive vegetation management services for roadbed track miles, along with public road crossings

Mowing, Hand Cutting & Basal Bark Treatment 

Our teams perform mowing, trimming, and hand cutting with a variety of equipment in addition to selective use of basal bark treatments for woodier areas 

Aquatic and Stormwater Treatment 

We eliminate undesirable vegetation in ponds, lakes and canals, without harming fish and neighboring wildlife. We also perform regular maintenance for stormwater systems, clearing vegetation and debris and rehabilitating structures to ensure you stormwater systems are functioning at their peak performance

stormwater workers
stormwater workers

Integrated vegetation management programs

promote desirable and stable plant communities—

using environmentally sound and cost-effective

methods In accordance with the EPA, this approach

manages vegetation while balancing the environment

    stormwater workers

    DeAngelo Contracting Services provides comprehensive

    vegetation management services to ELIMINATE UNWANTED VEGETATION


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