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Bridge and Tunnel Maintenance

Departments of Transportation, local agencies and other bridge owners are facing significant challenges addressing the needs of their aging infrastructure
• 42% of the more than 600,000 bridges in the US are 50 years or older
• 56% of these bridges are in fair to poor condition

Bridge & tunnel maintenance programs preserve the life of the structure:

• Full Structures Asset Maintenance
• Cleaning bridges, tunnels and joints
• Flushing drains
• Sealing the deck, rails, cracks and concrete
• Structural repairs
• Debris removal
• Graffiti removal
• Asphalt patching and overlay
• Accident and storm damage
• Joint maintenance and repair

Developing a customized plan for maintaining structures based on geographic location and weather conditions:
• Programs include mechanical systems service, electrical and lighting maintenance, warranty protection and preservation as well as structure security.
• Bridge and tunnel cleaning utilizes street sweepers, high pressure washers, sewer vacuums and manual cleaning methods.

stormwater workers
stormwater workers

DeAngelo Contracting Services offers single

and bundled maintenance services, including managing

inspections, repair and maintenance services,

streamlined through one point of contact 


    stormwater workers

    DeAngelo Contracting Services maintains more structures, including movable and fixed bridges, than any other asset maintenance contractor