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Line Striping

DCS offers a full variety of material applications for all your line striping needs. Waterborne Paint is the most common and most economical material used in the industry. Thermoplastic is a durable pavement marking material and is used primarily for short-line intersection markings. Epoxy Resin Paint is a very versatile marking and can be used for both long-line and short-line markings for long lasting durability.

Pavement Marking Removal
DCS offers a variety of options that will obliterate pavement markings, while minimizing the scuffing of your road surface. Grinding, Water blasting and Sand blasting are all forms of removal used at DCS. Call one of our pavement marking experts to discuss which method best suits your needs.

Pavement Marking Installation
When you need extra reflectivity, whether it be in work zones or on a finished substrate, DCS will install highly reflective pavement markers to help delineate the road and enhance the pavement markings.

Retro-Reflectivity Readings
If you are wondering if your lines are performing to standards call DCS and we can measure the reflectivity of any pavement marking and give you an excel report to show you what lines & markings need to be restriped.

• Effectively apply or safely  remove pavement markings

• Enhanced efficiencies through preventive maintenance

• Regulatory compliance

stormwater workers
stormwater workers

DeAngelos Contracting services installs and removes pavement marking while leaving the surface unscatheD