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High friction surface treatments (HFST) are a safety enhancement that bonds high friction aggregate to road surfaces, dramatically and immediately reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

• DeAngelo Contracting Services’ HFST application reduces stopping distances by up to 40%

• Up to a 90% reduction in fatalities and serious injuries after its installation

• Full lane width treatments can be applied in hours, with minimal impact to traffic

• Monitoring of mil thickness of the resin binder, volume and spread rate of the bauxite aggregate, ambient and pavement temperatures for a safe and accurate specification compliance requirement

• Low in cost compared to geometric improvements


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DeAngelo Contracting Services provides automated HFST applications that are durable and long lasting customized to local safety needs and produce measurable result

stormwater workers

FDOT SR 417 Ramp SAW A 90% reduction in crashes when comparing

the two year period before and after HFST installation