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A balanced environment 

DeAngelo Contracting Services specializes in green solutions for aquatic plant management ensuring a proper balance of plant life Lakes, ponds, and canals offer recreational opportunities as well as providing irrigation,
aesthetics, and flood control. When overgrown these areas can provide a breeding ground for disease-transmitting mosquitoes, rodents, and venomous snakes.

Why restore the balance of aquatic plant growth in your waterway?

• Lakes, ponds and canals offer recreational opportunities for boating, swimming and fishing as well as serving the needs for irrigation, aesthetics and flood control.

• These waterways offer many benefits, but can become infested with undesirable plant growth.

• Heavy weed infestations in these areas can prevent recreational use, while providing a habitat for a variety of pests such as disease transmitting mosquitoes, rodents and dangerously poisonous snakes.

DCS has the solution. Our aquatic plant management programs provide safe, effective results without harmful effects to fish and neighboring wildlife. Results are usually apparent after the first visit, and after only a few short months on our program, your waterway will be on the road to recovery.

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  • We use only the best EPA-approved products available, along with the latest technology and equipment to eliminate unwanted and unsightly nuisances from lakes, ponds, canals, and other aquatic sites. As stewards of the environment, our vegetation management programs provides effective results without harmful effects to fish and neighboring wildlife.
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Control aquatic vegetation without disturbing the neighboring wildlife

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